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Pembrokeshire’s nature has a huge influence on our restaurant and Fred’s style of cooking.   As the restaurant is embraced by hills and countryside, as well as sitting above a beautiful shoreline, Fred draws huge inspiration from our surroundings.  He believes in serving the freshest ingredients to our guests, and as well as working with the best local suppliers, Fred and his team go foraging every few days looking for wild produce – highlighting our vision to deliver quality from source to plate. 

They search for herbs, plants, and flowers that might hide in plain sight yet hold a universe of flavours. The ingredient list is vast and seasonal, and this just week they have picked wild garlic, pennywort and sea beet, which accompany some of the new dishes served on our menus.

Foraging isn’t just about sourcing ingredients; it’s a philosophy.  It’s about understanding the land, the seasons, and the delicate balance of nature. Our dishes, sprinkled with hand-picked herbs, garnished with colourful wildflowers, or elevated with the distinct flavours of foraged greens, are a homage to the land that surrounds us here in Pembrokeshire. They’re a celebration of nature’s bounty and our dedication to bringing the freshest, most local ingredients to the plate.

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