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Head Chef Fred Clapperton shares his take on this restaurant favourite Beef, IPA, hispi, anchovy dish to make at home.

BBQ hispi cabbage and beef fat onions

Ingredients (feeds four)

Steaks from your local butcher – (we use Copper Hog, who have shops in Saundersfoot and Tenby).

50g beef tallow

1 x large hispi cabbage, cut into quarters

1 x bulb garlic, cut in half

1 x sprig of thyme

4 x small onions, cut the top off but leave the root attached and skins on

Fine sea salt – (we like Halen Môn)

Rapeseed oil – Pembrokeshire Gold

500ml IPA – Harbwr Brewery’s ‘Caldey Lollipop’

To start, light your BBQ and wait for the coals to turn white hot.

In the meantime, pour the IPA into a saucepan and reduce by half, once reduced, add a little salt to your taste and reserve.

Ensure the onions are clean and lay out a couple of sheets of foil, this needs to be large enough to enclose the onions in and seal completely once ready. Place the onions on the foil along with the beef tallow, garlic, thyme, and some fine sea salt, and wrap tightly.

Place the hispi cut side up on a tray, dress with the oil and season generously.

Once the flames die down, put the onion parcel onto the BBQ and turn over after 20mins. At this point, place one of the cut sides of the hispi onto the BBQ and allow to take on a deep char, repeat on the remaining cut side (2-3 mins on each side). Continue cooking the onions for approximately another 20 mins or until tender. Allow to cool slightly and pop out of the skins. Once a good char is achieved on the hispi, raise onto a higher shelf on the BBQ to continue cooking at a lower heat, then continuously brush with the reduced IPA to glaze the cabbage. Cook until tender but they should still have a bit of bite.

Cook your chosen steak to your liking, don’t forget to rest it!

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