Will Holland, February 2017

After our Valentine's Day dinner we had lots of lovely feedback about the dessert which  was a passionfruit and exotic fruit tasting plate for two to share. Myself and my chefs had a lot of fun preparing, creating and serving it. It consisted of many different mini sized desserts all made with passionfruit and exotic fruit.

The dessert included :

Iced passionfruit parfait rolled in coconut with coconut meringue

Passionfruit curd with dark chocolate shortbread

Passionfruit and vanilla ice cream with caramel basket

Passionfruit and coconut slice with passionfruit jelly

Passionfruit granite served in the skin of the fruit

Passionfruit and banana sorbet with exotic fruit salsa

All served with passionfruit caramel sauce and passionfruit jam

I thought I’d share with you my recipe for the granite part of the dish as it's really straightforward to make at home and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways!

You will need :

75g Sugar

75ml Water

200ml Passionfruit juice (made by cutting fresh passionfruits in half, scooping out the pulp and rubbing through a fine sieve retaining the juice that is produced)

375ml Sparkling water

Method :

Place the sugar and water in a saucepan and warm until the sugar has dissolved, take aside and let it cool.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Place in a freezer proof container and freeze for 24 hours or until frozen solid.

Using a fork, scrape and scratch the frozen block of passionfruit ice to create the granite (scraped ice). You can then store the finished granite in the freezer until required.

TIP : As well as a refreshing dessert or garnish to a dessert, a great way to serve the passionfruit granite is to spoon it into frozen glasses and top up with Prosecco. Enjoy!

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